Concerned About Someone?

Accessing Support

Need support dealing with someone's gambling issue? Find out about the different types of support you can access.

Support is available for anyone affected by a gambling issue.

Getting support could simply involve telling a friend or other family member about your concerns. There may already be people in your life who could listen and offer a helping hand.

As well as family and friends, there are others in the community who can offer support, such as a member of your church or health care group.


Family and friends can access free confidential and professional counselling across Australia.

If the person that gambles is ready to get assistance you can offer to see a gambling counsellor with them.

Alternatively you can start off yourself, and then offer them the opportunity to join you.

If you are experiencing financial concerns you can also access free financial counselling

Other support

Gambling counsellors can also provide referrals to other services.

Some people find that they may need support from other professionals. There are services available to offer assistance with:

  • Relationships
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Stress management
  • Alcohol or substance use

 Speaking to someone about your concerns can be very helpful.

Next steps

To find a counsellor in your area you can: