Concerned About Someone?

Assistance for Professionals

Seeking a service for your client or more information for yourself? Access information, research and treatment options for working with someone who may have gambling concerns.

Assistance for professionals

Gambling is often a hidden concern. People with gambling problems report feelings of shame and guilt. This website may be a useful resource for you or your clients in normalising their experience and providing a less confronting entry point into thinking about change. 

To assist people concerned about a gambling issue, our website contains information, assessment and intervention strategies, such as:

Information and Gambling Research

Research into the causes, consequences and treatment of problem gambling is well documented in Australia and internationally. Some helpful resources:

In most cases states and territories around Australia have information and resources on their websites. Professionals can contact local services for more information. There is also a range of specialist resources available. 

For information by state/territory, click here.


How we can help

  • Our online counsellors can assist with any queries related to a gambling concern.
  • Clients that require assistance between sessions might find it helpful to access our chat and email services. Clients can then discuss the online session with their primary treatment provider.
  • Professionals might also want to access our online services so that they feel confident in referring clients to this service.