Gambling and health

Gambling and Health

Gambling can affect more than your finances. Find out more about associated issues and concerns.

Problems associated with gambling usually impact many areas of life and can be compounded by other habits and feelings. Just being aware that this might be happening can allow you to start thinking about what you might like to change, or who can help.

Feeling blue? - Many gamblers say that they have experienced "low mood" or feeling flat. This might have been going on before they started gambling, or it may be something that has happened since they started. To find out more take a look at our feeling blue page.

Alcohol and gambling - Drinking alcohol and gambling can lead to spending more time and money than planned. Find out more about drinking and gambling.

Anxiety and gambling - Sometimes gambling can lead to concerns, which can include feelings of stress and anxiety. Find out more about anxiety and gambling.

Smoking and gambling - Smoking and gambling go together for many gamblers. Find out more about patterns of smoking and gambling.