28 Oct 16
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We hope you are finding our updated site helpful. It’s been designed to make it easier to find information, more engaging and to be responsive on different types of devices including smartphones.

We have launched this blog as a tool for people seeking assistance with gambling related concerns.

We want to share a wide range of content including people’s stories of recovery, strategies, research opportunities and relevant news stories that will help inspire our community.

We will be posting new stories on a regular basis and welcome input from people who would like to become involved. Use the Contact us page to send us your ideas.

If you would like to chat to a Counsellor you can start straight away it's free, confidential and available 24/7.

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About us

Gambling Help Online (GHO) is run by Turning Point and funded as part of an agreement between all state and territory governments and the Australian Government. 

GHO provides 24 hour online chat (real time) counselling, 24 hour email-based counselling and support, a range of web-based self-help information and referral and support materials.

These services are confidential and freely available to all Australians including those concerned about their own or another’s gambling, the broader community, health and welfare practitioners who may come into contact with people experiencing gambling problems, and gambling venues.

It provides Australians with an opportunity to access counselling and information services when they are unable or reluctant to access face-to-face services provided in each jurisdiction.

This service complements and increases the range of services available in responding to problem gambling issues by offering  a private and anonymous way to seek professional support online with an immediate response.

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