21 Mar 19

Members of our online peer support community have collated a list of strategies they recommend to help you take control of your gambling. We've collected a selection of their tips below.

Decorative image: 'I read and read and read in my first 8-9 months gamble free'

Our community is made up of almost 9500 Australians. The My Story area is a space for those concerned about their own gambling to share stories, experiences and support. It’s made up of people with different personal goals, from cutting down, completing 100 days gamble-free, to quitting gambling altogether. Our members are all at different stages of their journey — from people who feel strong after years of not gambling to those who are beginning to recognise an issue, and everywhere in between.

Together, they have created the following list of their own tried and tested tips to make change.

Forgive yourself

Take it a day a time.

Getting through an urge

Count backwards from 300. “It sounds really simple and probably a bit unlikely... But it really worked... It's surprising.”

Protect your money

  • Open up another bank account and only put a limited amount in it; or
  • Give someone control of your money: “Having someone manage ALL my money has been my saving grace. There have been lots of times I've wanted to gamble but with super strict access to money it was not an option.

Try new hobbies

“It doesn’t sound like much and really takes a lot of effort to get motivated till it becomes second nature”, “definitely taking up new or old hobbies is a must.”

Get in the kitchen

Buy ingredients you’ve never bought before and try new recipes.

Spend time in the garden

Buy yourself some plants and keep busy with them.


“I read and read and read in my first 8-9 months gamble free. I think I read something like 40 books or more.”

Spend time with your loved ones

“I robbed my family of time spent gambling so I've been paying them back by spending much more valuable time with them”.

Know your triggers

For example, if you're into sports betting, be cautious of visiting websites ‘just to look at odds’, and consider cutting back on watching sports.

If you're thinking about making steps to change your gambling, you can read more about Change strategies or join the community today.


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