Are you ready to change your gambling behaviour? It can be helpful to decide whether you want to completely quit gambling or whether cutting down is a better option.

Here are a few useful questions to consider to determine what may work best for you:

Can I afford to spend money on gambling?

  • If the answer to this question is no, it’s probably time to consider making a change and taking control.

Have I tried to cut down or stop before?

  • If you have not tried to cut down before, or managed long periods of gambling without causing harm to yourself or others, cutting down might be a first good option
  • If you have tried to control your gambling before and have not been successful, consider quitting completely
  • Sometimes it takes a few tries to stop completely and that is normal
  • It's important to seek support to make a change
  • Having support to deal with the emotions and urges that emerge when you try to stop is really important
  • Urges to gamble become stronger as you try to resist gambling. This is normal too, the more you let the urge pass the weaker it becomes.

See understanding urges.

Does the gambling have a significant impact on the rest of my life (i.e. work, relationships, emotional wellbeing)?

  • If the impact of gambling is having a significant impact on your work performance or relationships. You might find it more beneficial to quit than to cut down.

Regardless of whether you have decided to quit or reduce your gambling there are lots of ways to help yourself.

Here are some options:

Tools for quitting Tools for cutting down