Thinking straight can help tackle your gambling. By understanding your thoughts when you want to gamble, and how to change these thoughts, you can take a considered approach to stopping the urge.

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People who are affected by gambling often have similar ways of thinking. They believe they can predict or control the outcome of a bet. 

These types of thoughts may include:

  • Thinking the odds are in your favour
  • Playing on certain machines increases your odds
  • Think that certain machines are due for a payout
  • Wearing 'lucky' clothes or having 'lucky charms'
  • Thinking a win is due
  • Thinking you have a 'lucky' coloured jockey.

Do you ever have any of these thoughts?

If you answered yes don’t worry there are ways to manage these thoughts, the best way to turn these around is to challenge them. 

Changing the thoughts

When you have one of these thoughts, try thinking about the following:

  • What evidence do I have for this thought?
  • Where has gambling gotten me?
  • How often do I really win big?
  • What would my partner/loved one say and how would they feel about me gambling?
  • What is the potential impact of gambling, what will it cost me (both in money or emotionally)
  • How does this fit with my goals. How will I feel if I gamble?

Be kind to yourself and remind yourself that these are only thoughts, they cannot harm you or control you. You are in control.

If you would like to speak to someone about thinking straight why not speak to one of our Counsellors, they are available 24/7, it’s completely confidential and free!

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