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Problem gambling is an easily missed condition. 

We can provide you with information, research and treatment options for your work with clients who may have gambling concerns.

Problem gambling is an increasingly common problem in Australia. Health professionals can play a significant part in identifying and treating this problem which can cause significant harm to the individual and the community.

Assistance for professionals

People with gambling problems report feelings of shame and guilt which results in people being reluctant to discuss these issues. This website may be a useful resource for you or your client/s in normalising their experience and providing a less confronting entry point into thinking about change. 

To assist people concerned about a gambling issue, our website contains information, assessment and intervention strategies, such as:

  • Recognising the signs of a gambling problem
  • The relationship between gambling and other health concerns including depression, anxietysmoking and alcohol use
  • Strategies for making a change including cognitive, behavioural and money management strategies
  • The impact of gambling on others can’t be underestimated. We have a dedicated section for friends and family of people affected by gambling called ‘Helping others’. It is estimated that for every person with a gambling problem, 5-7 other people are affected.

Information and gambling research

Research into the causes, consequences and treatment of problem gambling is well documented in Australia and internationally. Some resources are available at:

  • Turning Point's website - for the latest research on addiction therapy
  • The Gambling Research Australia website - this is a partnership between the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments to manage a natinal gambling research program
  • The Journal of Gambling Issues - this is a peer-reviewed open access academic journal dedicated to understanding problem gambling by providing a forum for developments in gambling-related research, policy issues and treatment.

Most states and territories around Australia have information and resources on their websites. Professionals can contact local services for more information. There is also a range of specialist resources available. 

For information by state/territory, click here.

Researchers – research requests / research recruitment

Currently we are not allowing any external research requests or recruitment messages, to be posted anywhere on our website, on our Forum or Social Media Accounts. While we understand the importance of research into addiction, the primary purpose of Gambling Help Online is to provide a safe and helpful space for people affected by gambling to seek support and assistance.

Any posts involving research requests and research recruitment will be removed and, repeated attempts to post might result in accounts being blocked or deleted. If you’d like to discuss your research with our service, please send us a general enquiry here:

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How we can help

Our online counsellors can assist with any queries related to a gambling concern.

Clients who require assistance between sessions might find it helpful to access our chat, email and peer to peer support services. Clients can then discuss the online session with their primary treatment provider.

Information for your interest:

General Practitioners are well placed to identify problem gamblers and provide early intervention. Please see the following article links for your interest below:

Thomas, S.A., Piterman,L., & Jackson, A.C. Problem gambling: what general practitioners need to know and do about it? Medical Journal of Australia 2008: 189: 135-13

Rodda, S, Lubman D.I., & Latage K. Problem gambling. Aetiology, identification and management. Australian Family Physician 2012:41:725-729

Special Report: The psychology of gambling, Australian Psychological Society, Prepared by members of the APS Gambling Working Group* in collaboration with Jill Giese MAPS, APS Executive Officer

“This special InPsych report is based on material in the new Review Paper and provides contextual information on the accessibility and prevalence of gambling in Australia, an account of current psychological theories and research on problem gambling behaviour, a discussion of community and public health approaches to reducing gambling harm, and an overview of the assessment and treatment of problem gambling. The special report concludes with recommendations to enhance the contribution of psychology in addressing this important social and community issue.”