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We welcome anyone affected by gambling to become members of our community. We have tailored areas for people with lived experiences as well as family and friends. This is to connect people with similar experiences and foster the most encouraging and useful discussions that matter to these distinct groups.

The forum is a great place to make friends and connect with peers, keep track of your recovery efforts, be inspired and motivated by others, be liberated, share your strategies and help others.

Why would I join the Forum?

The Forum is a core part of the Gambling Help Online service. It is a non-threatening peer-moderated community, and is designed to assist you in your road towards recovery.

Its main aims are to:

  • Promote solidarity and healing through shared experience and connection with peers.
  • Provide a non-threatening way to access support if you are reluctant or not ready to access more formal help.
  • Provide additional support  if you are currently attempting change, including if you are engaged in formal treatment, particularly between sessions.

What people have been saying about the forum

  • “This forum has helped me continue the road to recovery in all its facets.”
  • “Just wanted to say thank you to all the warmth and support I've received from this site! I've finally made 100 days with no gambling!”
  • “This website has been incredibly helpful for me…you've come to a good place.”
  • “This forum is great, makes you realise you're not the only one.”
  • “Coming on to this site has had a massive impact on the way I think.”
  • “I’ve been using my first post to help me. Reading back over it, to understand…I know it's early days, but I feel a touch stronger after feeling the urge today and not giving in.”
  • “I am using this forum as a diary for myself, to keep myself on track”
  • “Reading some of the stories on this forum…gives me hope to see that people in worse situations are willing to reach out for help and try to change.”
  • “One of the most liberating things I have done in many years!”

How to become a member of the forum

  • Click on the "Get Started" button at the bottom of the page.
  • Sign up for community access – choose a username  you are comfortable with anyone seeing – it is an open forum and most people make theirs anonymous
  • Read and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Go to the forum and either start a thread or respond to the messages on someone else’s thread.

If you aren’t quite ready to become a member but would like to have a look at the forum, click here and have a browse to see what other people are talking about:

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