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Creativity helped Audrey* move on from gambling

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Gambling thrives on boredom. Creative activities helped Audrey* resist the temptation to gamble.

Fulfilling activities are a powerful tool to resist the urge to gamble. Former client Audrey told us that rediscovering her love of making things helped to get her back on track when she decided to stop gambling.

Photograph of a mosaic Audrey made. She has made a rabbit with glass and ceramic shards against a concrete background.Photograph of Audrey's garden sculpture that features stained glass inlaid into the spokes of a bicycle wheel that spins on an axle atop a garden post. The sculpture sits against a lovely green garden.

Audrey shared these photos of the fantastic pieces she made. 

Audrey played the pokies for more than 15 years. Eventually, she realised it was negatively affecting not only her finances but her relationships. The tension with her family and the constant urge to gamble made her anxious, which made her want to gamble more.

Audrey told us, “It had become a routine to go and gamble after work. On top of the financial impact, it also pulled me away from spending quality time with my son, and hobbies that I used to love.”

Choosing change

Audrey sought help when she realised how badly gambling was damaging her life and family. She started meeting with a gambling counsellor. Together they identified her gambling triggers, what motivated her to change, and how to break the cycle.

A lot of people report feeling restless when they give up gambling, and not knowing what to do with their free time. Audrey told us that she was helped by her willingness to try new activities and restart old ones. She rediscovered her passion for craft and DIY. She joined a glass-making group. She began refurbishing furniture.

 She found a sense of fulfilment that gambling wasn’t giving her.

Photograph of white cane furniture upholstered in bright blue. The furniture sits in a paved garden area with green grass beyond. A dog rests in the foreground.A close-up of the upholstery showing the bright blue fabric featuring bright pink flowers, intricate vines, and dark blue peacocks.

Audrey brightened up the garden by reupholstering this furniture.

Within two months of working with a counsellor Audrey stopped gambling. She hasn’t gambled since. She tells us, “I feel more in control, and am spending more time with family and friends.”

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If you’re looking for ideas on fulfilling ways to spend your free time, check out what your peers in the member community have to say or check out Keeping Busy

Feeling restless since you stopped gambling? Talk to us about it. Chat to us online or call on 1800 858 858 — free, confidential, 24/7. Our counsellors can talk you through how you’ve been feeling and help you find more fulfilling ways to spend your time.

*Name changed to protect client privacy

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