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First Nations gambling support.

Free and confidential gambling support is available for First Nations people, loved ones and the community. We recognise the different languages and cultures of people from First Nations communities.

Find First Nations support available in your location:

Australian Capital Territory

According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies, rates of gambling harm among Indigenous Australians are higher than in the general Australian population and international Indigenous and First Nations populations. Gambling harm rates are higher among men than women.

Gambling harm in Aboriginal communities has been linked to drug and alcohol abuse, anxiety, traumas, depression and feelings of not belonging to the community.

Like any other Australian, Aboriginal people experience the consequences of gambling harm including financial hardship, debt and poverty, mental, physical and spiritual problems, domestic violence and crime behaviours.

If you would like to talk, we are here to support you. ACT Gambling Support Service counsellors provide a range of resources and information to help you understand your goals and ways to achieve them.

To find more social, emotional and cultural wellbeing online resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People you can visit Wellmob.

New South Wales

As an Aboriginal person, you can get free gambling support for yourself, a loved one or your community.

Culturally appropriate support is available from GambleAware wherever you are in urban or regional NSW. You might be surprised to find out how many services are available to you and understand what you’re going through. 

You can get hold of someone anytime for free, confidential counselling. Call GambleAware on 1800 858 858 24/7 and let them know your preference for specialist Aboriginal support. Or find a service in your location by visiting Gamble Aware for a list of locations.

Gamble Aware: Aboriginal Services

Northern Territory

When gambling becomes a problem, it can affect your spirit, identity, family and even your health. Support is available when you need help.

Gambling Help Queensland: First Nations Support

South Australia

Free gambling support is available and caters to all kinds of people with different backgrounds, ages, cultures and languages. Specialist services are available for cultural groups, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Problem Gambling South Australia: Face-to face counselling


Most people in First Nations communities play the pokies or have a bet without any trouble. But for some people, gambling causes money problems, stress and arguments in the family.

If you are worried about gambling talk to someone you trust about your worries. Some First Nations organisations have gambling workers you can yarn with – to find them click here.

Gamblers Help: First Nations Gambling Awareness Program

Western Australia

First Nations people can access free advice and help on 1800 858 858. First Nations specific support is also available from gambling harm support service providers in WA. Simply contact your local provider and let them know you would like culturally appropriate support. Interpreters are available on request.

1800 858 858

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