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Self-help gambling modules

Our self-help modules give you the tools to make a start.

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Developed by professional addiction clinicians at Turning Point, the Self-Help program is a set of free modules you can complete at your own pace and at times that suit you. These bite-sized modules can help you to address different aspects of your gambling. These modules are designed to provide you with strategies and tools to help you manage your gambling.

Our self-directed modules help you build confidence and strength to make desired changes.

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Self help ready willing 0
Ready, willing and able 

Looks at your motivation and how ready to change you feel right now.


Self help setting goals 0
Setting goals

Learn ways to set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable and realistic within a time frame (SMART).


Self help your values 0
Your values 

Identify the values that are important to you and work out if your gambling is consistent with your values.


Self help circuit breakers
Circuit breakers

Work out strategies to intervene when you feel the urge to gamble. 


Self help break the habit
Break the habit

Become more aware of the triangular cycle of thoughts-behaviours-emotions that lead to gambling and look at developing strategies to break this cycle. 


Self help triggernomics

Identify the most common triggers for your gambling.


Self help healing relationships
Healing relationships

Explore ways to repair relationships with people close to you who have been impacted by your gambling.


Self help managing money
Managing your money

Helps you figure out ways to manage your money better in order to address the financial impacts of gambling.


Self help managing urges
Managing urges

Learn how to manage gambling urges and explores some strategies for coping with urges.


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